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Do Luton Need Another Keeper?

Submitted by Andrew McMellon

Host of My Best Eleven Podcast, Journalist and Pundit (

There have been numerous goalkeepers linked with Luton and bringing in a goalkeeper this summer, but evidently, there has been no movement as of yet. Luton, who have only James Shea as number 2 now, have been linked with a number of players including Chris Walton from Brighton but Luton could do a lot worse than look at Jamal Blackman or even Ethan Horvath.

Blackman, who spent a large part of last season on loan at Rotherham is a Chelsea youth player who was released at the end of 2020/21 season. He had some standout performances, and kept Rotherham’s goal difference last season to a respectable -16, considering they were eventually relegated and was better than the 7 teams above them including (apparently) better keepers including David Marshall (Scotland and Derby) and Neil Etheridge (Birmingham).

Despite some being concerned about his age, he is now 27 and this is arguably the start of the prime part of a keepers career however, he has never played a game for Chelsea in the 9 years he was there and has had some on and off injuries in his time.

The other keeper who Luton should be considering is Ethan Horvath, who is currently being monitored by Huddersfield, Fortuna Sittard and Stoke respectively. Horvath, who is a free agent after leaving Club Brugges would fit into the Luton mould of a confident at their feet goalkeeper. He has played Champions League football last season and has recently returned after starring in the CONCAF win for the USA .

With the last season of Simon Sluga’s contract coming up, and the inevitable questions over will he and won’t he (it is assumed he will but with Luton willing to wind down Collins, Pearson and Ruddock-Mpanzu contracts…who knows), many at Luton will expect planning for all eventualities. With a few good keepers being around, perhaps the Town should plan just in case so the keeper can bed in for a season.

Contributed: Andrew McMellon We interview ex-professionals (players, managers, officials) as well as celebrities and find out who would get into their ultimate Best Eleven Players they ever played with.

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