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Ex Players Season 2021/22 Predictions

Article written by Andrew McMellon (@andrew_mc84) Host of My Best Eleven Podcast, Journalist and Pundit ( With the transfer window with only a week and a half to go, it is becoming clearer that there are many teams who would like to strengthen. It is this reason that many predictions and fantasy football teams are hard to carry out. Who will move where? Are you trying to pick up a bargain in case they move to another club?

There are a number of ex players who have put their predictions forward to My Best Eleven Podcast and have explained their reasons. Have a read and listen below to some of these predictions from players and fans for the season ahead including our own Marvin Johnson and Andrew McMellon.

Leon Barnett loves his football and spoke about loving the whole pyramid. He has a real passion for bringing young players through and also giving players who have been let go by clubs academies another chance. Check his academy out ( Leon spoke to My Best Eleven Podcast earlier this year, have a listen:

The next ex player we have predictions for is Chris Bart Williams who won a number of promotions but also is someone who became used to playing in the Premier League. Chris currently works in the USA and focuses his time with youngsters who are aiming to take the College pathway into soccer in the USA. ( He is someone who, despite being based in the USA, keeps a keen eye on English football still. He is also someone who has a lot of favourites and in his predictions, some would feel he goes for heart over head. Chris took time earlier this year to speak to My Best Eleven podcast. Have a watch or listen:

Another player who loves giving his predictions and also is a keen fan of the podcast as well as fantasy football is Emmerson Boyce, the FA Cup winning captain with Wigan. He is a man who loves to look at the lower leagues and also focuses and spends a lot of his time coaching and working with young footballers ( as well as he spends and gives up a lot of time for EB Foundation ( Emmerson was one of the first guest on My Best Eleven Podcast. Catch up or watch him:

Marvin Johnson, as you all know through his time playing, coaching and now on My Best Eleven Podcast spends a huge amount of time studying and watching football. His passion is with Luton Town but he also has a very keen interest in Liverpool and this drives his Premier League passion. He coaches football now with Virginia Revolution in the USA (

Andrew McMellon also gives his predictions and despite being over 22 hours away on a flight (Melbourne, Australia), loves the football access which he now has and makes the most of this. Being a Luton fan, this can and probably does skew his opinion but there is also an awareness of being separate and attempting to be non bias.

Prediction Table

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