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As Season 2 draws to a close, Andrew and Marv take some time out to pick their best and favourite episodes that they have completed over the 2 seasons so far.
This weeks podcast is all about wrapping up and a best bits compilation of Best of My Best Eleven!


"The podcast has been so much fun, catching up with old friends and current ones. There are numerous highlights for me but below are some of my favourites":

Mike Newell

What a manager and what a player. He has some fantastic ideas and this really feels like a no holes bared episode of My Best Eleven. He talks about his frustrations with management and potentially how he is seen as a dinosaur at present in football but how he still loves analysis of the game. Marv especially loves to wind his ex team mate and also gaffer up about many a thing, with Newelly taking the bate over and over! Mike does talk about his career and having fun at Everton, Luton, Leicester and then winning the title under a hero of his (Sir Kenny Dalglish) at Blackburn.

Nathan Jones

Nathan, made time to join the podcast during pre season and let us in one a huge amount of goings on at the club. He also spoke at length about his enjoyment as a player whilst at Luton for a brief spell. Nathan can also appreciate how a change of a manager can change the fortunes of players (for better or worse). He felt it personally, first hand when David Pleat left. His Best Eleven has some surprising choices in the team and he still spends a lot of time keeping himself fit in and out of the game (he recently ran in the Luton 10k/Half Marathon for charity too!

Mick Harford

This has gone down with many a Luton fan as one of the best podcasts. The man tells of how he used to look after himself on the pitch, and at times, off the pitch. He speaks with such pride and notably humbleness about his career and is asked about whether he feels he really was seen as a player or just a big man up top. This is a man who has rescued the club over and over and goes onto explain how he only felt post League One title that he has repaid his debt to the club, after letting the supporters down by going down in that tumultuous season starting on minus 30 (2008-2009).


"At first, it was really hard and I felt slightly in awe, but as the podcasts have gone on, all the guests have been so welcoming and so open in answering questions. There have been some massive highlights but of course, interviewing ex Luton Town Legends has to be one of those, as well as some of the less 'popular' podcasts"

Steve Foster

Here is a man who captained the club on what most would agree, was the highest/best achievement ever for Luton Town. If you jump onto the video and have a watch, he shows stills from the game, showing how much he still holds that game dearly, as well as how he replays it regularly…unlike another Luton Town Legend! Steve picks his team from a range of players from so many clubs and tells stories for fun in the podcast for listeners to enjoy and reminisce on the 1980’s at many a club including Portsmouth, Oxford, Luton and Brighton.

Graham Alexander

This was a podcast where our guest opened up about playing and managing. It was the only 2 part podcast as there was so much quality in it. The conversation about managing at Salford as well as his dreams of where to from last October were great.

Warren Feeney

This was an interview which both Marv and Andrew felt was hugely under listened to. Most of those who did listen in found an amazingly funny and honest Warren talking about his career, youth days as well as his new life in Poland.
Warren talks about playing Playstation when Harry Kewell was picking which club to go to, how Seth Johnson managed to negotiate higher wages by going to the toilet and how he had so much fun in the Cardiff City dressing room with characters such as Robbie Fowler, Craig Bellamy and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

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