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Steve Foster - My Proudest Moment in Football

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Submitted by Andrew McMellon

Host of My Best Eleven Podcast, Journalist and Pundit (

Recently, on My Best Eleven Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking to Steve Foster, Luton Town captain when the club won (some would argue it’s only major) piece of silverware in 1988 against Arsenal.

He spoke very fondly about the game and the memories and emotions that come flooding back: "The whole day and win was for the fans and the team. Watching it on the television and watching the supporters is worth everything" Steve said. It was very clear in his voice and also his face, when interviewed, that he still had fond thoughts of the day and he was a very proud man to have played, captained and won the trophy.

Steve Foster, of course played a number of times for England and even at Wembley (the old Wembley for younger readers!), but when put on the spot and asked what was his best game, he did not chose his England debut or FA Cup Final but instead said "I played at Wembley for England a couple of times, but clearly it would have to be the Littlewoods Cup Final in 1988."

He enjoyed the day so much, he has his own personal copy of the game, and plays it often, as many Luton fans would. He even puts it on when ex team mates come over to his house; "My kids now, when Mick (Harford) comes over, well, they call him Uncle Mick and the last time he came round, we showed them the last 25 minutes of the cup final in 1988 against Arsenal. Mick sat there and watched it and he said that was the first time he had actually sat down properly and watched it". Foster though admitted that he loves to watch the game; "I get it out and show the kids about 5 times a week".

One of the more fascinating answers given by Steve was when asked about the medal itself for winning it, and whether he still parades it around the house or has it in a frame. Instead, he stated; "I don't know actually where it is, that is a great point”…”It was actually a little cup, a kind of replica of the Littlewoods Trophy. I should probably have a hunt around for that".

The interview of Steve Foster is out on 21st July 2021 on all Podcast Apps ( and available via the website (

Contributed: Andrew McMellon (@andrew_mc84) We interview ex-professionals (players, managers, officials) as well as celebrities and find out who would get into their ultimate Best Eleven Players they ever played with.

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